my heart wanders...

20 November 2012

pool closed.

image locale: lalaland

why is it that whenever you see this sign it makes you feel head over heels..
it's that dangerously exciting feeling you get which arouses from no where..
and makes you want to jump in that water.
time to do what you love.
free souls.



07 November 2012

see you soon Hawaii..

image locale: maui, hawaii

nothing is more beautiful than a breathtaking sunset.
dream big.



a few more from Hawaii.. GREEN

image locale: maui, hawaii

green energy all around.
when someone asks you which is more you,, mountain or sea.. what would you answer..
apparently the answer describes the person who you really are deep down inside.
someone asked me this question.
i answered,, ''both. can't separate them in any ways.''
the nature.. whether it be water or green. it heals me to the core...


01 November 2012

forever hawaii

 image locale: hawaii

one of the gorgeous destination on earth.
it is hard not to like this heavenly place on earth.. 
by day, by night,
always in such one peace.
much love.
aloha state..  surely i'll visit again in may of the coming years to be there
for the annual lantern floating event. 
many rivers, one ocean.

ハワイのいくつもの 表情、そのどれもが眩しすぎるくらい美しく..